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Kinjo's Jekyll Adventure

In other words, this is an explanation for what happened to the website over the past two months.

I was getting ready to post the August blog post when I realized I was unable to log into my Wordpress admin panel. I was also unable to connect to my server via FTP and decided to do a hard reset, hoping things would magically work again. So the server shut down, and I waited for it to come back up.

Except, it never came back up.

Ultimately I had to start over from scratc ...



Programming a Serial Game

Some authors of the murder mystery genre have said that the detective story is a game between writer and reader. Some would even compare it to a conversation. Well, I might be taking it a step further — Detective Butler 2 will literally make use of a conversation: a client-server connection! Today I will talk about the latest programming development, which affects how the game will be played, and I will also go over the story of how everything so far has been leading up to it.

When ...



Writing a Serial Story

Working on Detective Butler 2 has been an interesting experience so far. Right now we are currently in beta testing mode for the first chapter. I'd like to go over a lot of things I've learned during the past eight months or so during the development process. And I'd also like to explain how Detective Butler 2′s story will be different from the previous installment.

For the first episode, we used ONScripter for our engine. Now we have switched to Unity, for two reasons: I felt limit ...



Meeting 07th Expansion

So the other weekend I went to Anime Central, where I finally managed to meet 07th Expansion in person. I had meant to write up a post sooner, but time flies, huh. Anyway, first thing's first: my signed Umineko merchandise!

umineko signed Meeting 07th Expansion

And of course, most importantly, a signed copy of the Kinjo portrait!!!

kinjo portraits signed Meeting 07th Expansion

I attended all three of the 07th Expansion panels, which ...



WDK - Game Mechanics

We've been making a lot of progress on Detective Butler lately, and you'll see lots more of it in the months to come. So, why not focus on a game I've been neglecting for quite a while now: Witch Doctor Kaneko!

Let's talk about the process I'm using to design the mechanics and levels for this game.

[Concept art by Osato-kun]

In the first place, I wanted a unique game mechanic that other games simply don't have. But even before that, why dec ...



Creating Visual Novels

I've just gotten back from Kawa Kon where I did my first panel on how to create visual novels. It was a very fun experience and I met a lot of nice people, so I'm looking forward to doing more panels in the future! Next up is Anime St. Louis (April 17th-19th) so be sure to attend! (I'll be giving away FREE Goldbar Games magnets! And Detective Butler CDs too!)

For anyone who would like to see the PowerPoint, click here. As alway ...



VN Panels, Commisions, and NaNoReNo

Hello! We have lots of exciting news to share in this update!

First, Kinjo will be hosting panels at Kawa Kon (March 6-8) and Anime St. Louis (April 17-19) this year, where he will explain how you can make your own visual novel! The presentations will cover writing, programming, art, music, and hopefully more. If anyone is in the St. Louis area, be sure to check it out! We'll have fun stuff there!

Kinjo has also been taking on programming and video commissions lately. If you n ...



Winter Progress Report

My winter break, like all things, comes to an end. But Detective Butler is just beginning!

I've finished writing the first episode of the new web-based series. It's around 4,000 words long, but don't let that number fool you! I have also begun sketching more facial expressions for the detective, drawing his sidekick Gilligan and making the line-art for a certain returning character!

As a result, programming has taken a slight backseat, but I still managed to add a lot of funct ...


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