Detective Butler - The Serial Murders


The Serial Murders is the second game in the Detective Butler series and is currently in development.

Release Info

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Engine: Unity 5
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
  • Release Date: TBA


  • Experience many self-contained stories all connected through an over-arching plot.
  • Investigate 3D environments and save any clues you find to your inventory.
  • Interrogate suspects and use their own words as evidence against them.
  • Confront each culprit and prove them guilty in a unique debate system.
  • Play each chapter as soon as they are released using one game client.

The game will be broken down into many chapters you can read by downloading the Detective Butler Game Client. Each chapter contains its own stand-alone mystery, which when solved advances the main storyline. We will be releasing the chapters once per week, so you’ll have enough time to play each mystery before moving on to the next one.

Credits for Detective Butler: The Serial Murders

Kinjo GoldbarProgramming and Story
Captain PharosCharacter and GUI Art
Solo AcapelloMusic and Sound
OzakiQuality Assurance
TahYllisQuality Assurance
Van KadixQuality Assurance

3D models and sound effects provided royalty-free by various contributors.


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