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Yeah, that's right... School's started, so productivity will be quite low for a while. But before discussing that, I have to say thanks to all 320+ people who downloaded, played, and reviewed Detective Butler EP1! It seems as though everyone has the same general reaction, which makes me happy.

Now, then. Where to go from here? I've been brainstorming the second episode with Ozaki and Rudolf. We're gonna do this the right way -- in short, the story and characters will be entirely planned out and set in stone before the end of this semester. So then I can quickly write the story in one go, the primary revisions concerning the writing rather than the plot. We'll also save art commissions for last so that we don't end up with wasted sprites or CGs, something I admittedly screwed up horribly on with the first episode.

However, EP2 won't be my only project. I've been brainstorming many ideas over the past few months. I'm thinking I might delve back into the realm of RPGs, in the genre of Fantasy/Adventure. Other ideas for VNs include a sci-fi space opera, a grimdark post-apocalypse, a classic bishoujo romance, and a subversion of the otome genre. Not sure which one I'd want to tackle first!

In any case, I'll let the ideas come to me this semester. I'm also pairing up with anon-kun to make Touhoucats and decided to try my hand at making a Dangan Ronpa nonstop debate game engine. So a fangame is a possibility, but I won't make any promises. Higanbana and Rose Guns Days fangames are probably unlikely at this point, mainly because I'd rather branch out my ideas.

Next; I've rearranged a few tabs, and you can see I've added one more. I'll also be helping out a fellow 07th Expansion fan with his visual novel, When the Bells Toll. I've added it to the newly-created "Collaborations" tab, as I'm sure more games will be listed there in the future.

Last but not least: now that I've finally finished something, I felt ethically justified with adding a donation button. Please keep in mind that funds gathered from the donation button will STRICTLY be used to buy assets for original games ONLY. Resources are expensive, and until we start making commercial works, I have to make use of what I can get. Not to suggest that I won't be investing money myself, but if you're a fan of my original content, you can help support the development of future works.


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