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Detective Butler Episode 1 FINISHED!

Yes, I can't believe we made the deadline either! Happy Comiket 84, everyone!

I'm kind of at a loss for words right now. There's really too much to say. Two years of intense work has boiled down to this day. I was hoping to get the game out a year ago, but compared to that older version, this one is just so much better. I really hope everyone enjoys playing it!

As I've stated in many blog posts before, a lot of revisions have been made. For those who played the old demos, you'll be experiencing something VERY new.

I also made it a point to emphasize the mystery element. I mean, it's a detective story, so that should go without saying. But I've had numerous beta testers give me their theories and conclusions as they read the story, got their feedback, and edited accordingly to make sure that the logic would make sense and be presented in the most entertaining way possible. There aren't enough mystery visual novels out there (at least, in English), so I'm hoping that I've done my part.

I'm not expecting you to call it the best EVN ever. However, I tried my best to make it as close to the best as possible. I've learned a lot and will use this experience to make future games even better!

TL;DR: Here's the download link.



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