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Detective Butler Update

As you may have noticed, I've been rather secretive about Detective Butler's progress in recent blog posts. I sincerely thank all of you following my blog for sticking around and supporting me. So now I'll give you the announcement you've all been waiting for! A sneak peek into the story after the demo!

You see, I began writing the parts after the demo, and I realized something. I really came to love these characters. You know how sometimes the characters tend to write the story themselves after a while? I was getting that feeling, and it made me realize something else: writing a murder mystery is extremely difficult! I don't want to do it anymore! Here's what happens instead:

Shortly after the end of the demo, the cruise ship hits an iceberg, and everyone is forced to abandon ship. Conveniently, the prime suspects all wash up on a nearby island, along with Gilligan and Butler. But incidentally, all of them happen to get amnesia and totally forget about the murder! Even the culprit doesn't remember they killed anyone!

Taking advantage of the situation, Butler attempts to seduce the three ladies (they're the obtainables, you see!) while making sure the crafty Captain Jack doesn't steal his spotlight. Gilligan always happens to unintentionally thwart Butler's plans, resulting in slapstick comedy between the two. Donald cooks everyone's meals using various ingredients found on the island, and Howard is tragically lost at sea (not that anyone remembers him).

In other words, the game is no longer a dark murder mystery, but is instead a lighthearted dating sim, which are always considerably superior. There will be no murders -- each episode will revolve around the zany antics taking place on the island between our seven stranded cast-aways.

As such, the series will aptly be retitled "Gilligan's Island".


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