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Getting Busy Again

Welp, my break is over, and so now is a good time to make an update.

I'll be announcing another fangame, On the Night of Kinjo's Redemption. It's the sequel to Repercussion, taking place in the land of Higanbana. Expect it to take another half-year, or something similar.

Now, for Detective Butler's progress. I've stated before that the full game will have ten chapters, and the first four are included in the demo. I've been going through and doing some re-organizing of the story to make sure everything works out nicely (been doing that for a while actually). What does this mean?

It means that I'm trying to fix some pacing issues. Many have noted that the old demo is REALLY long and the latter chapters are turning out to be shorter than I thought they would be. Maybe that's just a side effect of them being so mystery-intensive, but in any case the first half was pretty long.

Another thing I'll be changing is the background filters. I've received some feedback on how they were contrasting with the sprites on-screen and have found a filter which truly puts the background... in the background.

Lastly, in terms of what I have done: chapters 5, 6, and 10 are pretty much finished. 7 and 9 have some interactive bits which are taking some more time, and 8 needs some pacing adjustments as well. All of the graphics are also finished, which is nice, so everything left is on the writing/programming side.


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