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First, the opening movie is finished. I could put it on YouTube and spoil the fun right now but I kinda want to tidy it up (which I will probably do at the last minute, as usual). Second, if you check the actual Detective Butler website, I have (once again) changed the logo and added a plethora of screenshots for your eyes to gaze upon. Third, I still have some scenes to write; that's nothing new.

Fourth, and actually most importantly, I've been having some issues with a long-discovered bug on Macintosh systems. The graphics are acting VERY weird and replacing the ONscripter build with alternate versions does not seem to help. It's probably something to do with the blending of transparent colors but I can't pinpoint a way to fix it other than:

  1. Go through each eye sprite with blending and erase any particles
  2. Go through all eye sprites and merge them onto the head sprites
  3. Do nothing and ignore releasing on Macintosh altogether
  4. ????
  5. Profit!

What should I do? I'm leaning toward number two, because it's the fastest way (and I'd only do this for a special Mac version) but it limits the number of expressions characters can make.

Haven't tested yet on Linux. If someone's willing to try, just comment.


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