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Writing's almost done. However, I've stumbled into one final roadblock of sorts.

The story has taken a direction I didn't really anticipate. I've heard that most writers experience this situation, where the characters lead the story places they didn't think were possible. I have been changing things quite drastically in order to accommodate for the characters, but I wonder how far I should go.

Part of me feels like the omission of certain things seen in the demo would be far too much to change, yet as it stands the story would probably do better without them. I mean, I've already changed a lot, but this last thing is really hard for me to decide.

That said, I had Ozaki beta test the latest of what I have, and it seems to be pretty good. Main problems are the aforementioned roadblock, lack of descriptions, and Butler taking up too much screentime compared to the others. The game seems to be mostly glitch free, although we've encountered several floating heads during the testing. Most notably I'm satisfied about how the final chapter is turning out, and I'm enthusiastic about hearing other beta readers' thoughts on the mystery. It's really taken a turn I didn't expect, so a fresh point of view is what I need most right now.


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