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No Reason To Post

But I will anyway.

Really happy to say that VN progress is going well. Managed to reprogram a few neat functions and finished writing the main story. Just need to touch up some things here and there and we're all set! (although that takes far longer than what one might think...)

One thing I was discussing in some previous posts was interactivity. Ultimately, after taking into consideration everything that was said, Detective Butler won't be having any interactive parts. Trying to implement them only interrupted the flow of the story, which also gave me unnecessary writer's block. That said, I'm quite proud of the story that I have. The first draft of one year ago is nothing compared to the VN of today!

Two years without releasing anything (does Repercussion count?) is far too long. Believe me, I'm excited to finally get the game out this summer, especially with all of the skills I've learned. I also want to work on some special projects I thought up but had no time to actually dedicate. Of course, those will come after Detective Butler is released, so worry not about those getting in the way.

People love release dates, so I'll tease you all with "Summer 2013". How's that sound?~


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