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On the Night of Kinjo's Redemption

Happy New Year's Eve! Just in time for Winter Comiket, as usual, I've got a new game for download: On the Night of Kinjo's Redemption. It's a Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni fangame, probably the first (and last) of its kind.

The sequel to the fangame Repercussion of the Golden Witch, this story takes place in the world of Higanbana. Ozaki, a newly recruited science teacher at Spider Lily High School, becomes involved in a series of supernatural murders. Is the culprit a human or a youkai? Will Ozaki solve the case, or die trying?

Warning: This fangame contains spoilers for the fangame Repercussion and the official Higanbana visual novels. Read at your own risk!

Note: You must have Higanbana: The Second Night installed to play the game. Download the folder and place it in your "Higanbana2" folder. Then run onscripter-en.exe to begin playing. Have fun, and Happy New Year!


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