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One Last Update

Happy New Year's!

Firstly, you may have noticed that Repercussion is complete. Well that is a half-truth. The game still needs to be polished before Ozaki feels it can be released to the public however it is there if you want to read. This version of the game will answer the main mystery however still leave a few questions unanswered.

...Anyway, to be completely honest, Detective Butler has been taking more effort than I originally thought. But I didn't want to disappoint, so you can all get a taste of the new version in an updated demo. In terms of story there is nothing new, but there are all-new graphics and a few different BGMs.

As for progress itself, all Butler Hints are completely done. The only real challenge left is the Investigation Section (slightly interactive) as well as a fun Solve-the-Crime minigame (also interactive). And lastly, the final chapter itself, in which I'd like to include one last minigame (although that might be overdoing it). In any case I've taken extreme care in regards to the mystery and story to make it entertaining to read. I might show off some screenshots in a later post, but for now, enjoy the new demo... and have a Happy New Year!


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