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Alright, I think it's about time for another update. There are a number of things I want to discuss this time, so let's get right to it!

So, to follow up the previous post: Detective Butler EP2 hasn't made any progress. I want to make it official that Detective Butler EP2 will be on hold until further notice.

Firstly, I honestly don't feel like I have the necessary experience to make the game the way it should be made. From both a mystery-crafting and writing perspective, I'm just not skilled enough right now. I don't want leave it to the other members to do like EP2 was starting to become. Until then, I'd like to work on something within my skillset.

Secondly, the necessary assets are going to be too costly, and without a solid game plan, there's no point in hunting down artists who will work for free. So from a business standpoint, we really can't afford to dedicate time to EP2. Also keep in mind that we have four episodes planned, so I would expect the series to take several years to actually complete. Again, I could be more efficient.

I've actually wanted to move away from the EVN community for a while now. We are Goldbar Games, not Goldbar Books or Novels or anything like that. It's about time we got started making real games. Don't get me wrong; I'm incredibly thankful for our fans, who really do appreciate and enjoy our VNs. Unfortunately, not everyone is so kind; most prefer to mock EVNs and their creators. Sure, any community might have those kinds of people, but they're far too commonplace on the EVN scene for me to pretend it's not a problem. Video games should be used to make people happy, not to hurt them.

So, that said, we'll be exploring uncharted territory in 2014, and I'm very excited for it! Now I'll go ahead and announce our newest project, tentatively titled Witch Doctor Kaneko!

As you can see, the character design for Kaneko has undergone a lot of changes, and the sprites above probably won't be final. Speaking of that, unless a miracle occurs, I will be doing the artwork for this game. Not that I mind -- I think I can handle pixel art. What matters more to me is having a team that works well together. If everyone shares a common goal, anything is possible!

But who is Kaneko, you ask? She's a kind-hearted witch doctor who must platform through levels and defeat various monsters with her powerful magic! We're still working out some gameplay mechanics, but we've come up with some interesting ideas so far. Prepare to immerse yourself in a fantasy world filled with fun and adventure!

More details to be released soon!


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