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I've been meaning to make this post ever since it turned December. But now I know exactly what I want to say.

Quite a bit has happened since the last update. Starting off with a pleasant surprise, we now have a musician on the team, Solo Acapello. He expressed great interest in joining the team, and he enjoys mystery novels just as much as we do, so there's no doubt his music will improve Detective Butler.

Speaking of that, we've made a lot of progress there in general. I've been taking quite a few photos for backgrounds, and the whole team is constantly brainstorming various ideas to make sure the plot is more solid than ever.

However, we are coming up short in the graphics department. That's good, in my opinion, because getting too hasty with pretty pictures can lead to a decline in the overall product. Unfortunately that means I can't really show anything off here, but I suppose that's for the best (and it's something you're all probably used to by now).

Nonetheless, there will be a new visual novel for download before the New Year. ...That's a promise; you have my word. I'd like to keep it a secret for now, but those of you who have been following us long enough may have a slight idea of what it may be. Try not to get your hopes up too much, though.

It won't be Butler EP2. According to my current game plan, it certainly won't be possible to get EP2 out in a few weeks. What we'll be doing is finalizing all ideas, forming them into a well-polished story, and then over winter break I'll do the majority of the writing. We'll also begin making music over break. After that, we'll be ready to move on to graphics in the spring. You could say, then, that summer is the earliest possible date for EP2. I'd like to go on the safe side and suggest that winter is a much more likely possibility. In either case, it is my goal to cut the development time in half, from two years to one, per episode.

But don't worry! I can get something else out during the summer, too -- that other game idea I mentioned in the previous blog post. I don't have enough of it fleshed out to really say anything on the website about it, but it is definitely something I'm working on. Hopefully I can get some sort of a demo up soon.

You may also notice that we're no longer in any collaborations. Simply put, we have enough difficulty getting our own projects done, so it's really inefficient to try and double the workload. Maybe one day, but now is far too early.


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