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A Lengthy Progress Report

Well, it's been a month since the last update.

It may not seem like much is going on, but I've been working on more than just Detective Butler. Another Umineko fangame, Repercussion of the Golden Witch, has been in development for a couple months now. It was originally going to be a rather short game, but I didn't realize the length it turned out to be, as it rivals an official Umineko game in length. I expect the full game to be roughly 10 hours long, equivalent to the expected lengt ...


Blog Decision

I've decided to do away with the old blog (posts are archived) and simply use this one from now on. That way, relevant news for all of our projects are packed together in a single place.

Progress on both Detective Butler and Repercussion have been good. Unfortunately, I can't comment on the details, but I hope you'll experience them for yourself fairly soon.


First Post

Hello! We're starting fresh with a new website to showcase everything.

Who knows what the future may bring, so it's best to prepare ahead for it.

Various small updates to the site may follow before posting the new demo of The Misadventures of Detective Butler. Progress has been slow, and all of our lives have gotten busy with school, but the wait will indeed be worth it.


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