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Merry Witchmas

Merry Witchmas! It's been a while since the last Witch Doctor Kaneko update, so I thought I'd make another post before the year ends.

We've fortunately found a sprite artist! TahYllis has been making some really awesome sprite animations for Witch Doctor Kaneko.


The Return of Detective Butler

Hey there, it's been a while since a game-related update, right? This is called a "development blog", so there's no point in keeping things hidden until they're finished… So allow me to introduce my plans for the new and improved:

The original game was released in August 2013 as a standalone executable, made in ONscripter. Most English visual novels are made in Ren'Py, because it is generally more accessible, but I became well-versed in ONScripter while making When the Seacats Cry ...


WDK - Spellbook

So, it's about time for another update (probably past time). Let's get to it!

Disclaimer: Again, some placeholder graphics are used for the sake of programming.

Screenshot 1 Kaneko Update #1 The Spellbook

As you can see, Witch Doctor Kaneko looks quite a bit different than it did a couple months ago. For now, I've decided to make the graphics less tile-based. You can see how the land is really curvy. Kaneko follows its path very smoothly. T ...


Closed Room Blitz - Arena

Arena is a short side project that was developed in 10 days. For those unfamiliar, one type of game played on /seacats/ is called a Closed Room Blitz. The game consists of two players, each having their own closed room mystery prepared beforehand. The other player only knows that there is a corpse inside of a room. The rest of the details are unclear, and so each player must take turns to uncover the truth behind their opponent's mystery.

The first player starts off with a blue text ( ...


On Fairness in Games

Warning: Minor spoilers for When the Seacats Cry Episode 3 below.

I've considered discussing my own games in detail for a while now, and this topic seems like a good start. There's a lot of time, effort, and meaning that goes into making games, and I'm not sure if every detail gets across to the players by the time they've finished. Sometimes post-mortems are necessary, not just to examine the development of what went right or wrong, but for learning from the nature of the game itself ...


WDK - Introduction

It's time to introduce Witch Doctor Kaneko. (Please note that sprites and backgrounds are placeholder and subject to change.)

Kaneko was born to a family of witch doctors — those who use magic for the sake of healing, not hurting. As she grew up, she settled in a far away forest. She found that she enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere, where she could live in peace.

But now, the silence Kaneko had loved is replaced by the sounds of munching and crunching. Those sounds of decay a ...


We're Moving to a New Website!

I know there haven't been many updates lately but that's because I've been working on a new website to post them on! We will stop posting here, so please go there for all Goldbar Games updates from now on!

We've got a real update on the new site, so go read it!

We've had this blog for two years, and it's amazing that you guys are still waiting for updates. Thank you all for sticking around! And we hope you'll continue to support and be a part of the future of Goldbar Games!


The Real Update No One's Been Waiting For

Okay, bad joke on the last post. It's been a busy few months, so let's get to it!

We've been working on Witch Doctor Kaneko, and will continue to do so over the summer. Here's what's happened so far:


We're using the Unity game engine. I've had a lot of experience with C# during the semester on school work, so it's been relatively easy to figure things out. Here is a screenshot of what the game currently looks like, using place holder art. I'm taking a fun ...


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