Witch Doctor Kaneko

Witch Doctor Kaneko

Witch Doctor Kaneko is a fantasy-themed puzzle-platformer game that began production in 2014 and is still in progress. The game is about a witch-doctor named Kaneko whose forest is one-day attacked by a mysterious swarm of bugs. She must cast her magical Debug spell to rid the forest of all the bugs and restore order.

The game will have a Metroidvania-style map, taking much of its inspiration from Kirby’s Great Cave Offensive. Players will be able to roam the forest and solve puzzles using their magic to recover pages from Kaneko’s spellbook, allowing her to cast more powerful spells that can defeat the various types of bugs Kaneko will encounter.

The game is currently being developed in C++ using SFML.


Kinjo GoldbarProgramming and Story
OsatoConcept and Promotional Art
TahYllisSprite Pixel Art
Solo AcapelloMusic and Sound
OzakiQuality Assurance
KotoMeanieQuality Assurance


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