About Goldbar Games

About Us

Goldbar Games LLC is an independent company dedicated to creating fun and engaging video game experiences.

At Goldbar Games, we’re committed to raising the bar. We value quality in games and quality in the tools that make them.

Each game has its own individual page, with a full list of collaborators who worked on that game.

For any business-related questions or comments, please use our contact form.

Origin Story

Goldbar Games is the creation of Anton Strickland, with help from various friends and independent contractors for each game.

In 2010, Anton started publishing visual novels under the name "Kinjo Goldbar", a portmanteau of two characters from his favorite visual novel, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni.

The name "Goldbar" is derived from a translation quirk of the word "Kinjo". Read the Japanese kanji as a Chinese word, and translate that back to English, and you get "gold bar".

Goldbar Games was officially formed in 2011 after Anton published the hit fangame When the Seacats Cry. He then decided to create his own original work, Detective Butler.

Anton has an appreciation for games of all genres, but his favorites include Super Mario 64, Kirby Superstar, Runescape, Umineko, Braid, and The Witness.

You can learn more about Anton by visiting his website and watching his home movies.

Current Projects

From 2018 to 2021, we consistently streamed game development every weeknight on Twitch. We may resume streaming in the future after a short break.

We successfully programmed our own game engine and ported Detective Butler to it. We plan to release the game engine for others to use in the future.

We believe that blockchain technology will revolutionize gaming, like it or not, and are currently developing our own web3 gaming projects.

We are currently working on a sequel to Detective Butler and another game called Witch Doctor Kaneko, two deeply personal labors of love.

Since both projects have been quite ambitious, we may release smaller games in the meantime, but we do want to see them both through to the end.