Goldbar Game Jam 2 - Werewolf

Now I do realize that our last Goldbar Game Jam took place nearly a year ago, but I still believe we should keep up with this because it's a great opportunity to publish short and simple games. This game, Werewolf, was actually the game we worked on for Ludum Dare 33 (and went unfinished, again) which I happened to bring up in the previous GG Jam blog entry. I suppose it's finally time we released this thing, as I took the last few hours to put it into a slightly more polished state.

The theme was "You are the Monster" so in Werewolf you are a human with the ability to turn into a werewolf at night. So there's a day/night cycle, and your objective is to attack all of the pilgrims on the map. Clearing the map brings you to the next level, where there are more pilgrims who will chase after you when you are not in werewolf form, and will run away from you when you are. So, the difficulty gets progressively harder as you keep winning.

As I previously mentioned a year ago, this game gave me the idea for a map generator (which was eventually scrapped because it was too complicated for practical use, but hey, it was fun) and that's because we use procedural generation to create each new level's map. Though, it's not the best because sometimes enemies can get boxed in so that you can't ever reach them, but I'm not too concerned about this game's overall quality.

Just enjoy it, and have fun! I'll be posting more short and simple games whenever we make them. Use the arrow keys to move, and Enter to pause. The music is some royalty-free BGM from the Japanese website SENTIVE.


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