Kaneko Update 0 - Introduction

It’s time to introduce Witch Doctor Kaneko. (Please note that sprites and backgrounds are placeholder and subject to change.)

Kaneko was born to a family of witch doctors — those who use magic for the sake of healing, not hurting. As she grew up, she settled in a far away forest. She found that she enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere, where she could live in peace.

But now, the silence Kaneko had loved is replaced by the sounds of munching and crunching. Those sounds of decay and destruction have consumed the whole forest, tearing apart all the grass and trees. A mysterious infestation of bug-like creatures had suddenly appeared one day.

Where did they come from? What do they want? Why are they destroying Kaneko’s home?

Witch Doctor Kaneko vows to save the forest and its inhabitants.

The main gameplay of Witch Doctor Kaneko revolves around a single core gameplay mechanic: debugging! Kaneko’s favorite spell, the De-Bug spell. It removes bugs from a surface, restoring order to the environment!

k1 Intro to Kaneko

The objective of each level is to remove as many bugs as possible while still making it to the end zone. You might think this isn’t too bad. With a De-Bug spell, Kaneko can do anything! …Right?

Unfortunately, she is limited by the amount of Magic Power she finds within the level. If she doesn’t have at least 1 MP, she can’t cast De-Bug! This means that you might not be able to get to the end zone after all!

The real challenge of this game is a balancing act: consume the minimum number of MP to collect all bugs and reach the goal!

Furthermore, the later levels will add more depth to this core gameplay mechanic. The effects of De-Bug are not necessarily the same on all types of objects…

k2 Intro to Kaneko

Kaneko also has a spellbook containing a variety of other spells. For instance, she can use the “Push” spell to summon a force that will push large blocks. This way, she can reach the goal! However, these spells cost more MP than “De-Bug”, so they must be used carefully and in the right order! If you cast the wrong spell at the wrong time, you are responsible for your own downfall!

k3 Intro to Kaneko

Can you solve all of the puzzles and restore order to the forest?