Kaneko Update 4 - Playable Engine

Happy Halloween! For tonight's update, we're pleased to show off our new engine for Witch Doctor Kaneko! That's right -- you can play it right here, in this blog post!

We're going to do something different from now on. We'll try to integrate actual gameplay into our blog posts (like the previous one) so that you can really get a feel for what we've been working on. As they always say -- show, don't tell! So we'll show you our latest works in progress by allowing you to play them yourself!

But before we get to the demo, let's talk about plans for Kaneko. Lots of colorful promotional art has been made thanks to Osato-kun, and we're about halfway done on that front. We're waiting on the level design and coding before going into the music development. And the story and world is continually growing as we work on the level and spell design. So, that really means most of what's left to do is the actual coding.

Since Witch Doctor Kaneko was technically the first game I tried to make on Unity, its base was really messy (it was based off the default platformer example) and so I decided to scrap everything and start anew. Thanks to some more advanced video tutorials, I've been able to construct a pretty solid game engine that we can use. Soon I'll combine the WDK elements into this rather generic platforming engine, but for now, this demo will simply show you the basics of platforming: moving, jumping, taking damage, gaining points, and dying. There is no end goal, except having fun!

Controls: Arrow keys move; spacebar jumps.