Kinjo's Jekyll Adventure

In other words, this is an explanation for what happened to the website over the past two months.

I was getting ready to post the August blog post when I realized I was unable to log into my Wordpress admin panel. I was also unable to connect to my server via FTP and decided to do a hard reset, hoping things would magically work again. So the server shut down, and I waited for it to come back up.

Except, it never came back up.

Ultimately I had to start over from scratch, although I was able to salvage my blog posts. I consulted my friend, who told me about Jekyll, and now we're using that (and GitHub) to host this website. It should not be going down again in the foreseeable future.

Incidentally, I had just mentioned my plans for Detective Butler in the last blog post, hoping that nothing would go wrong. Well, it turned out my laptop completely lost its functionality and has since been replaced (its network adapter had died, making my Internet useless and thus unable to connect to my game) and then with the whole website going down, it became impossible to further work on Detective Butler. Also, with school being the busiest semester I've had so far, there was no realistic way I could release a quality chapter each month. Therefore, we're going to be a little more lenient about Detective Butler's release schedule, and give ourselves more time to prepare. We'll go into more detail about that in another blog post.

As for the website, it will continually be under construction. We'll keep adding new and interesting features and pages. Something new that we added was a recruitment section (it's on the "Team" page). We're currently looking for people to join our team, because as it stands, it's hard to get anything done with such a small number of people. We're completely open to applicants, although at this time it can't really be a paid position (unless we negotiate a Kickstarter or something). If you have talent and are interested in working with us, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail!

I've decided to post updates more frequently (they're a lot easier to do now using Jekyll) and I can actually post retroactively, so I've gone ahead and made several other blog posts available. Please take a look at them, and you'll see all the progress we've been silently making over the past two months.