VN Panels, Commisions, and NaNoReNo

Hello! We have lots of exciting news to share in this update!

First, Kinjo will be hosting panels at Kawa Kon (March 6-8) and Anime St. Louis (April 17-19) this year, where he will explain how you can make your own visual novel! The presentations will cover writing, programming, art, music, and hopefully more. If anyone is in the St. Louis area, be sure to check it out! We’ll have fun stuff there!

Kinjo has also been taking on programming and video commissions lately. If you need help coding your game or want to make a cool video as an opening movie, he can do it (as long as he has enough time in his schedule)!

Detective Butler has been coming along. Mostly graphical updates at this point. Kinjo has been improving his drawing skills using his tablet, and Solo is currently at work on the soundtrack.

Witch Doctor Kaneko has also been under production. TahYllis has been creating the sprites for each spell based on Osato-kun’s colorful drawings, which we will begin to show off soon!

Finally, Kinjo has assembled a small group for NaNoReNo, and they will be working on a side project during March. He will make a post here when it’s finished.

Either way, please look forward to all of the cool things we have in store! March and April will be very busy months for us, so stay tuned! (Kinjo isn’t sure why he wrote this post in third-person, but it’s something different, isn’t it?)