Winter Progress Report

My winter break, like all things, comes to an end. But Detective Butler is just beginning!

I’ve finished writing the first episode of the new web-based series. It’s around 4,000 words long, but don’t let that number fool you! I have also begun sketching more facial expressions for the detective, drawing his sidekick Gilligan and making the lineart for a certain returning character!

As a result, programming has taken a slight backseat, but I still managed to add a lot of functionality. Music, sounds, and other graphics are under production as well. There isn’t much to show just yet, but there will be quite a lot in the following months. I realize in a previous post I was aiming for release during either December or January and that clearly didn’t happen. I’d rather take my time and make sure everything works just as intended though. The wait will be worth it!

Like I said in a blog post from a long time ago, I want to keep an element of surprise at play, so I’m holding off on revealing too much just yet. But rest assured we have been hard at work! You can see what the game currently looks like in this screenshot:

[I'm proud of the close-up effect.]

So in summary, everything is coming along nicely. We’re making progress!